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כפרי סטודנטים

Student Villages

The villages are the organization’s beating heart, and serve as living proof of the hidden potential that the Negev, Galilee and social periphery hold.

The student villages create a young, strong and tight knit community starting in college, and the students in them are introduced to the potential that living in a community in the Negev and Galilee offers.

Community Life

חיי קהילה
מלגת לימודים


The students in the villages are agents of social change in the many authorities where we are active. Every student is entitled to a social engagement scholarship, and for discounted housing in the village.


Social Impact

Every student in the village takes part in the social impact activities in the community the village lives within. The students reinforce the community and participate in its daily life, and this way they manage to have a positive affect on the lives of hundreds of children, teens and various populations they live with.

עשייה חברתית


Volunteer hours across the country


Children and teens enjoying social activities every year


Students that volunteer every year

Contact Us 

Ayalim Association  

33 Ha’Halutz st. Beer Sheva, Israel |  08-6550850

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