Student villages

The Ayalim student villages constitute an eye-opening platform to the Israeli periphery

as well as a platform for social involvement, meaningful community life

and a way to lead to a true demographic revolution in the state of Israel.


During their years in the villages, the students take part in the Ayalim

program that is aimed to encourage them to form an active and involved community

that will eventually decide to determine its future in the Negev or Galilee.


The villages are a unique platform for encounters, conversation and

initiatives between youngsters of the village and the youngsters

of the area – creating a powerful young local leadership.


Ayalim believes that encouraging youngsters to live in Israel’s periphery is a national mission.

Through the Ayalim villages, the students connect to the region and the local communities,

making 46% of them chose to remain in the Negev and Galilee.


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