Gap Year

As young Israeli’s graduate High school, some of them choose to postpone

their Army service in the IDF for a year of volunteering in a framework of their choice.

Each year Ayalim accepts over 60 volunteers out of the hundreds that come

to interview for the Ayalim pre-army program.


The pre-army volunteers are truly the Ayalim’s special force!

They are part of realizing the vision of David Ben-Gurion as they take

upon themselves the significant role of building new towns and

student villages in the Negev, Galilee and Lod.


How does it work?

The volunteers are split into 8 communes, each commune is set

in one of the Ayalim student villages.

Their volunteering year consists of both educational and social volunteering

in local schools, youth programs and family centres according to

the local needs that arise, as well as “Active Zionism” projects

– building and refurbishing across Israel’s periphery.


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